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    Here is a collection of some of the work done by Golden Rule Designs over the past years. Included is furniture, cabinetry, custom interiors and more. All work seen is designed and built by Golden Rule Designs and is not our entire collection of work. 

This custom bathroom was designed and built with a nautical theme and made to feel as if you were inside a boat. The walls are flared out at the bottom and planked to mimic the inside of a ship's hull and the bottom rail of the medicine cabinet is shaped to resemble a ship's transom. The interlocking anchor detail under the vanity counter is hand cut from solid Teak and set in front of Holly to add to the nautical theme. The client has small children, so a pull out step stool was designed into the center of the vanity and the heat was moved to under the cabinet to remove the need for baseboard heat along the planked walls. The floors are solid Teak and Holly, like that which would be used for a yacht's sole and all cabinetry and trim are constructed of Mahogany and Teak.
These end tables are inspired by the danish modern furniture movement. They are are constructed of solid teak with bookmatched tops and were made to sit on both sides of a pre-existing Danish Modern Settee. The tables use clean lines with soft edges to mimic the style and are finished with a hand rubbed oil finish to add to the soft feel. They measure 18" x 18" x 18"
This dining room table is built with wood salvaged from the historical home which used to stand on the client's property. The house was torn down to build a new home and the 100 year old White Oak beams were taken to have furniture made. The table is a designed around mission style furniture with exposed joinery and contrasting wedges. The cracks and checks in the wood were filled with black epoxy to accentuate the age of the wood and the ebony wedges. The table is 8' x 4' x 30" and is constructed of reclaimed White Oak and Ebony.
This mantle was designed and made to resemble the European classic stone mantles. The client liked the look of these mantles, but needed something to fit the size of the wall more proportionally. The legs are solid carved basswood and the rest of the piece is poplar. The moldings were custom made and the entire mantle was put together on site. The mantle is 12'l x 54"t x 27"d at the deepest point. The legs are 42"t x 10"w x 8"d.
This custom piece of furniture is a buffet designed and made for a client to fit an open wall in their living room. They loved some of the aspects of Biedermeier furniture, especially the color and use of cherry, and wanted to encompass some of it while simplifying and eliminating the use of veneer. The buffet is made of cherry, black walnut, mahogany, basswood and Honduran rosewood. The two drawers are hand cut dovetails with custom walnut knobs and are hand fit into the openings. The top and shelf are single solid pieces and are book matched. 46" x 18" x 30"

    This is a genuine mahogany, custom turned, mortise and tenon deck railing. The balusters tenon into the top rail and through tenon with wedges on the underside of the bottom rail. The top and bottom rails tenon into the posts and are pegged from the sides. There are relief carvings of a grape leaf and grapes on the bottom section of all posts with an exposed face to keep the Mediterranean theme of the house.

    This custom cabinet was made to fit around an existing island as the beginning to a kitchen remodel. It is made of sapele, sapele plywood, maple drawers and has a maple butcher block top on one end. The existing island was used as the carcass for the main section and a slide out garbage can with butcher block top and extension for seating was added. The whole piece fits around the carcass and mortise and tenons together. 120"l x 30"d x 36"h
    This custom piece of furniture was an interpretation of a map table. It's constructed of black walnut, holly, yellow cedar, basswood, mahogany, and honduran rosewood. There is a glass top and two 8" deep drawers to present a display. Both drawers can be placed in either opening presenting two separate displays and slide in both directions.The drawers are hand cut half blind dovetails and are hand fit into the openings. 36"w x 36"d x 27"h
   These custom bathroom cabinets were influenced by the arts and crafts movement in both color and design.The phi ratio was used to proportion and size the dimensions and parts. It is made of quartersawn oak, quartersawn oak plywood, black walnut, maple plywood, maple drawers and stained glass. All the trim and other woodwork is custom as well as the radiator cover. The bathroom was enlarged and a new bathtub, granite counters and new tile were installed.
    These display cabinets were made for a jewelry store in Newport, RI. They encompass some of the beach cottage style of Newport while still incorporating the aesthetic of the jeweler and using the phi ratio in their proportioning. They're made of sapele, poplar, mdf bead board panel and glass. 48"w x 18"d x 46"h
    This piece of furniture is a bench based around the reclaimed pine board that is the top. The board was in perfect proportion to the phi ratio in length to width and still had the layers of paint from it's past life covering it. The base is made of quartersawn white oak and also uses the phi ratio in it's design. The top was sealed to preserve the original paint while eliminating any danger of lead. 45"w x 17"d x 17'h
These custom cabinets were made to fit into existing openings from the outdated cabinets that remained from when the house was built. New lower cabinets, doors, shelves, and custom trim were made to match the woodwork in the house's study. They are constructed of flame birch and birch plywood and all the door panels are book matched. The stain was custom mixed to match all the existing woodwork in the house. 120"w x 20"d x 73"h

    New work will regularly be added to this page, so continue to stop by the site and see what new furniture, cabinets, interiors and other work we have recently completed.